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Caring for the poor and unfortunate.

Guests are encouraged to arrive on time in order to participate in the devotional led by Rev. Gregg Woods, Executive Director of Hartford Rescue Mission. Staff are also available to provide guidance on issues, such as temporary shelter, housing, job search, addiction recovery and counseling.

All individuals are welcome at the Mission.  All are served regardless of religious or non religious affiliation.  We ask only that individuals understand that the Mission is and will be a non denominational Christian organization that operates and serves based on Love and the pursuit of disciplining lives to show respect for self (by finding Hope) and others.  In that structure, it is our hope that they enter into a personal relationship with Christ but if someone chooses not to they will be served as long as they comply with on-site policies and guidelines with regard to personal and mission property, orderly behavior and personal and community safety while under our care.

To donate or volunteer, please call Rev. Gregg Woods, Executive Director, at (860) 241-0989. 


May God bless you for caring.

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