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Open House Highlights

Supporters and guests enthusiastic about Mission programs in new home.

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Over 100 people attended the Open House Fund raiser held on Thursday, May 21,  Executive Director, Rev. Gregg Woods along with Board and Development Committee members hosted the event which welcomed the public inside our new facility.

The building at 650 Windsor Street has most recently served as a moving and storage facility so the interior consists of a series of enormous rooms some as large as 2200 square feet.  The evening included a slideshow of preliminary renderings of the phases of renovation with estimated costs and time frames for  program implementation.  Design drawings and sketches were placed throughout the reception area as well for all to see and to ask questions of our Facility Build Out Team.

Once supporters and visitors began the tour of the 72,000 square foot home of the Mission the word for the evening was “WOW!!” Guests were shown a “mock dormitory room” which was set up in the way that the rooms for those in our men’s program will be set.