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Our New Location

650 Windsor Street ...
Location of Hartford Rescue Mission

Our New Location!

We have Great news! Thanks to people like you and the hard work of our volunteers we have purchased  a 72, 000 square foot building in Hartford which will be the largest shelter in all of Connecticut. This has all happened over the last 9 months because our mission and faith in God has grown and many hands make easier work. As you may know, we refuse to accept any funds from any government body. If we do, we can not spread the word of God. We have done everything through private donations. As you may also know our vision is to feed, cloth, and shelter. We want to help the homeless find their way back to being productive citizens and follow their dreams instead of trying to just find their next meal or bed.

The excitement of the Development Committee and all of us that have volunteered on behalf of the Hartford Rescue Mission is tremendous! But with that said we need more help. We of course need more donors but we also need volunteers to help us spread the word. We have various fundraising events coming up and we would like to have you there. If you can not attend an event, Rev. Woods and I can make a visit with you at your convenience.

Please become a part of something that is truly great. When we are finished in the very near future, this mission will be recognized all over the country not for what we have done but because of what God has done.
We look forward to seeing you soon!

Jeffrey Hedberg
on behalf of HRM Development Committee