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Hartford Rescue Mission welcomes volunteers

We encourage you to volunteer -come by yourself, with your family and friends or gather a small group from your organization, your place of worship or employment, to serve those in need. Training is provided. Whether you desire to help one time or on a regular basis, please call Rev. Gregg Woods at (860) 241-0989. For other ways to assist Hartford Rescue Mission with your time, talents and resources, please review our You Can Help page.

Current Volunteer Opportunities

Evening meal service continues Mondays  thru  Fridays at the Mission Home at 650 Windsor Street in Hartford’s North End. Volunteers are needed to help prepare and serve evening meals, greet our guests, set-up and clean-up. Groups are encouraged to “sponsor” a meal by bringing a prepared meal for your group members to serve.
Meal preparation begins at 2:00 p.m to 4:15/4:30 when the “family style” buffet meal is served after a short time of devotion including song (so bring your guitar if you have one!),fellowship and conversation are shared with our guests, then clean up begins at about 5:15/5:30.  Our goal is to be all cleaned up and ready to leave by 6:00p.m.

Volunteer Spotlight

Agatha Shepherd

Paul Serra

Aggie, as she is affectionately known around the kitchen of Hartford Rescue Mission, has been volunteering her time, resources and love for people by preparing and serving the evening meal for more than two years. HRM Executive Director Gregg Woods cornered Aggie between tossing salads to learn what motivates her to give to others.

I got involved at the Mission after receiving their Easter mailing in 2007, which stated that people who were suffering from loneliness, depression and despair were welcomed at the Mission to receive food and clothing, and to be comforted by the Word of God. I dropped by one afternoon and met Rev. Woods and two volunteers who were preparing that evening’s meal; I offered to help and have been here ever since.

Since I have few talents in the kitchen, I was placed on salad duty and I’m known now as “the salad expert.” I enjoy meeting the many volunteers who come from the community, colleges, businesses, churches and other places, and the joy that we all find in serving at the Mission. I marvel at the quality of the meals that we provide to our guests and the willingness of our guests to engage in conversation with us.
Many guests have impacted me. Jose needs a kidney transplant and comes regularly after his tiring dialysis sessions for a meal. A single mother brings her children for a nutritious meal and to do their school work. Fred is staying sober and taking adult education classes for his GED and struggling with math class. They inspire me because they do so much with what they have.

It is easy to send a donation to a charity, or to drop a bag of clothes in a collection bin and feel good about yourself. But that feeling can’t compare to how you feel when you personally help someone find a sweater that fits, or have someone thank you for serving them, or give you a compliment on the salad you made. Volunteering helps you live out the words of Jesus: Whatsoever you do in the name of My Father, that you do unto Me. Come join us!

The time that the Lord Jesus Christ has blessed me with at HRM began in July 2013. From that time, Brother Gregg Woods, the executive director, has been instrumental in teaching me how to minister to the homeless and downtrodden.

Day upon day have bought me blessings from the Lord in feeding these people who come to us for help and encouragement. Most importantly we are able to share the love and compassion of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

The gratefulness and help from so many that have come to us in their time of need has been so uplifting. I would exhort all who want to experience the hand of the Almighty God to come and partner with us.

May the Lord continue to bless and provide as we continue in the work of His purpose to love and provide for our neighbors as ourselves.

Because of Calvary,
Paul F. Serra

Agatha Shepherd

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