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Hartford Rescue Mission

God’s Will.  His Work.  Our Hands.

HARTFORD RESCUE MISSION, serving in the capital city since 2005, is an expanding Christian ministry serving the Greater Hartford community.  By sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit, we are meeting the spiritual, social and physical needs of men, women and children in need. Hartford Rescue Mission serves an ever changing society through direct rescue mission work.  As God leads, we partner with churches, individuals and organizations to maximize our total effectiveness.
The Mission is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization that depends on donations for its support.  The executive director is Rev. Gregg Woods (M.Div., Asbury Seminary), former football standout in Connecticut who earned a full scholarship to the University of Kentucky and played pro football in the NFL and CFL.  He and his wife, Lenora, have three children at home.
Gregg Woods is the Executive Director of the Hartford Rescue Mission in Hartford, CT

From our Executive Director

Dear Brothers and Sisters,
There is no doubt that this is a painful time for everyone. We are all suffering through one of the toughest financial downturns in history. Add this to the fact we are at war, and this is a presidential transition year, and uncertainty — even anxiety — can result.  I personally do not know anyone who has not felt the impact of these turbulent times in some way.
People frequently ask me, “How are things at the Mission? Are you seeing more people?” We are seeing more people in need. As you know, there are many reasons for being homeless or simply in a bad situation, such as loss of a job, the high cost of housing, foreclosure, medical expenses, domestic violence, and substance abuse. Whatever the reason, HRM has always been committed to helping everyone who comes to us for help. And they have been coming.
As we continue to reach out during this time of human urgency, I hope that you will remember those who are less fortunate than you and I. Meeting the growing needs during these difficult times is not easy, and we need your help. 
Occasionally, I have heard a donor say, “My small gift is insignificant.” Please know we do not feel that way. A lot of small gifts may be just what we need to be able to continue meeting the increased demands during this tough time.  You are important to us. We need your help financially, as volunteers, and with gift-in-kind donations, so we can meet this urgent need.  And if you happen to be a dad or a mom who has just lost a job, we can offer you a food box to help you feed your family.
Finally, I want you to know we are praying for you as we face these times together. We serve an awesome God and know that we can trust in Him!
Rev. Gregg Woods, M.Div.
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